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The Veterinary Care Accessibility Project

Access to veterinary care is a complex and challenging issue.  The Veterinary Care Accessibility Project is an effort to better understand and address these complexities. We gather, analyze, and use data to build tools to shed light on the issue and help inform efforts to improve access to veterinary care.

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Veterinary Care Accessibility Score

The Veterinary Care Accessibility Score (VCAS) is a new way of looking at the challenging, complex issue of inequities in the accessibility of veterinary care throughout the country. It uses data from a wide array of sources to account for key factors that affect access to vet care: The result -- A single number that helps answer a complex question: How accessible is veterinary care in my community?

Capacity for Care

VCAP develops new metrics to help answer important questions about the accessibility of veterinary care. One such metric is the Veterinary Employees to Pets ratio.  Here, we look at the number of veterinary employees in an area per 1,000 pets and per 1,000 households.  Take a look at the map to learn more

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