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VCAS: Canada

This map shows the VCAS for census division throughout Canada. 
Click on any census division to see its Veterinary Care Accessibility Score 

About VCAS Canada

VCAS Canada

The Canadian Veterinary Care Accessibility Score (VCAS Canada) is a ranked-sum index that incorporates a variety of data sources to quantify the accessibility of veterinary care at the level of the census division. The data feeding this index include areas like language accessibility, income, and the availability of veterinary care providers. Each census division is given a score - 0 to 100 - where a higher number indicates greater accessibility.  VCAS Canada is based on the initial version of this tool that we generated for quantifying care accessibility in the US (VCAS US).  

Methodology & Peer Review

VCAS Canada was published in the Canadian Veterinary Journal in April 2024.  The full text of this article can be found here.

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