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Announcing Metrics Mondays!!!

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

We've got several projects in the works. Each week, as we look at new data, maps, and visualizations, we frequently find ourselves saying, "This would be good to share!" Rather than wait for papers to be published or big projects to be completed, we decided to create a way to share these findings and milestones as they happen: Introducing, Metrics Mondays!

Metrics Monday #1:

Veterinary Employees per 1,000 Households

To kick things off, we're sharing a new metric and a new map. Do you know how many veterinary care providers there are in your county? Is there an optimal number of care providers? How can we answer these questions and account for the human and pet population in an area? Check out Veterinary Employees per 1,000 Households to learn more.

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