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Announcing The Veterinary Care Accessibility Project

Welcome to the Veterinary Care Accessibility Project!

We're excited to announce the launch of The Veterinary Care Accessibility Project. The project is dedicated to creating data-driven tools to help shed light on and solve the challenge of providing equitable access to veterinary care.

Our first tool: The Veterinary Care Accessibility Score

The first data-driven tool we've created is called the Vet Care Accessibility Score (VCAS): Essentially a single number to help answer the question, "How accessible is veterinary care in my county?" The VCAS uses large data sets from a variety of sources -- including the US Census, CDC, ESRI, the AVMA, and others -- to help give a "lay of the land" with regard to access to veterinary care. Some of the results are in keeping with long-held beliefs and expectations; some are not.

What's Next?

The purpose of this project is to bring about positive change through data. In the coming months, we'll be enriching the VCAS using more data; developing metrics to analyze veterinary care costs across the country; looking more closely at logistics and travel time; and publishing some of our findings in peer-reviewed publications. Please follow us on social media so we can share it all with you!

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